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Solar – Baykee, JA and Jinko.


Batteries – Baykee, Long, Leoch and Lido



UPS Online Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems – Online

Is your organization prepared for an unplanned interruption in power? Are your critical systems protected in the event your building experienced a loss of power due to utility failure, failed batteries, UPS System in bypass or a natural disaster? Simply having a backup generator or other power source does not protect your network, data center or other essential systems from failure in the moments immediately following the power loss. Additionally, you need a maintained power source that will keep your data center and other necessary components running until you can complete an orderly shutdown or restore power. An unplanned and sudden shutdown can damage systems; cause important data to be lost forever and can require costly expenditures in manpower and equipment.

After Sale Services is our main objective

The Net Ltd is a team of professionals skilled in APC UPS related problems. Operating in and around Karachi since last 10 years. “Net Ltd Team” consists of well-mannered specialists visit your doorstep and provide Solutions & services to your satisfaction. Our charges are reasonable and lower than any service providers. Worry free call us at 02134327710-11.

Popular UPS Models
These are a few UPS systems that are the most popular with our clients.

APC, Socomec, Ablerex


Only efficient and effective dry batteries in Pakistan can guarantee the satisfactory performance of the solar system. Premier Energy has high standards for solar batteries. A battery can only become a part of our inventory when it’s capable of meeting the requirements of unstable grid energy and effectively endures heavy cycles during the testing process. Additionally, we consider the economic condition of Pakistani customers and strive to provide the best possible solution to the victims of energy crisis. Environmental conditions and abrupt climatic changes during the summer season are the main factors which we consider before introducing dry batteries in Pakistan.


Customized Wind Solutions: Every location has its unique wind patterns and energy requirements. Our team of experts excels in designing customized wind energy solutions tailored to your specific needs. From large-scale wind farms to smaller residential projects, we analyze wind data, conduct site assessments, and provide comprehensive solutions that optimize energy production, efficiency, and return on investment.

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